Retro 1960’s listing in the Heart of Arvada

This home is amazing, its like walking into a time capsule of the 1960’s…. Velvet wall paper, classic 1960s design and culture

warped into this Arvada home. Its was like walking into a museum of Shagadelic.. Believe it or not,
 there are some things you would not want to change. The home is so very ROOMY, the layout of this tri level and 
semi vaulted ceilings is unique.. A family of 4 can really feel the open space. The hard wood floors 
were in amazing condition. I assume carpet was over them for years and years. 

The shag carpet, the Old kitchen, Old stove, and smaller size kitchen. This home owner will be wanting to gut the home and remodel the home which could cost at least $50,000 and that is conservative. I would change some items but also keep the 1960’s classic features like the amazing tree painting on the wall. 

Yes, this is Listed at $315,000 and my guess is that this will sell for $320,000-$325,000. Even though the home is dated the home will still sell for over list price. 

It was one of the greatest homes I have EVER viewed in my 17 years of Real estate. Everything in this home, shag carpets, appliances, velvet wallpaper, fireplaces,  bathrooms are original to the 60’s design, decor and style. I was honored to see it!

This property is Listed by ReMax Alliance