Colorado Garden & Home Show! February 4th – February 12th 2017

Hello Arvada~
 I went to the Colorado Garden and Home show… at the Convention Center.
It was fun, glad I attended, but overall this these are the booths I saw. 
Its very professionally done. 

1) Hot tubs Hot tubs Hot tubs ( Sparkly ones too)
2) Windows and Doors

3) Siding/roofs
4) ADT Security
5) ( Dont forget the Fresh Donut booth) – I dare you to keep walking past it… lol
6) Cute Jewlery ( I purchased)
7) Dip Galore ( veggie dip, fruit dip)
8) Jewlery Cleaner ( I purchased)
9) Some Furniture for patio and home
10) Scarfs
11) Gutters
12) Landscaping items

Fun people Fun Vendors, Great Event overall.